Feb 18, 2017

3 Secrets to learn and play ukulele faster

How do you learn faster?

Take it slow and easy!

These 3 things are something teachers always find themselves reminding their students.

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All students will have the tendency to play to quickly too fast, to not concentrate on playing in time, and to work on far too many things.

As a result, they can't master the things that need to be mastered before moving on.

You will need to constantly remind yourself of these three things if you don't have a teacher to do so.

1. Start Slow

A common mistake most people make is trying to play a complicated part up to speed right away. A complicated part for a beginner might be a simple chord change, for a more advanced player, it could be a complicated finger-style passage.

The secret to playing that part cleanly and clearly is to start slow. Play the part very slow and then gradually bring it up to speed as you start to get it down.

2. Play in time, with a steady beat

Make sure what your playing has a steady and even beat. always count out loud, start slow, and be sure you are playing evenly and keeping a steady beat.

Even if it's the most basic strum you are learning, start very slow and count evenly. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc... and strum along. It may help to tap your foot as well, while you count.

It would be most helpful if you had a metronome. A metronome has a steady clicking sound that you can play along with. You can adjust the speed of the clicking so that you can play slower for faster songs.

Using a metronome is the best way to make sure you are keeping steady time.

Most teachers recommend always playing with a metronome, one of the things most beginners have trouble with is keeping time.

Here's a great, inexpensive metronome, its a good idea to use it every time you practice

3. Take it one step at a time

Don't try to do to many things at once, work on a few things and when you get good at them add to them. For example, if you are just starting out don't work with a whole bunch of rhythms or lots of chords, take a few chords that work well together, and a basic rhythm or a few basic rhythms and work with a few songs that use those chords and that you can use the basic rhythms with.

Playing the songs will be your practice, and it will help you to get down the rhythm you are working with as well.

For example: in the FREE Play ukulele NOW eBook, you'll learn two chords and a basic rhythm. You'll then have quite a few songs that you can play that use just those two chords and that basic rhythm.

In the Play Ukulele NOW Method and Songbook, after you get better at that basic chord change and that basic rhythm, it's time to add a chord that works good with those two chords, and then you'll have some songs that use those three chords to play. After you get better at that, it's time to look at a little more advanced rhythm or strum, etc...

It is important that learning is like building blocks and each thing builds a little bit more on what you have already learned.

It is important have an understanding of the step you are on before you move to the next step. This is what the Play Ukulele NOW Method and Songbook dose.

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