Ultimate Ukulele Beginners Guide

Ultimate Ukulele Beginners Guide
If you're thinking about playing or learning more about the ukulele then this post is for you!

You will Learn More and Play More with Play Ukulele NOW.

Find out for yourself why teachers and students have depended on Play Ukulele NOW Methods and Songbooks since 2009

Schools are finding that a ukulele program is an extraordinary way to get students started in playing an instrument and learning about music.

The ukulele is a great gateway into the wonderful world of music.

With the ukulele strumming, chords and basic music theory can easily be learned, while note reading and an understanding of basic music notation can be studied as well.

Here are are some articles for those thinking about playing the uke:

Why play Uke?
7 Reasons to choose the ukulele as or first instrument 

Everyone should play the Uke
George Harrison explains why everyone should play the ukulele! 

Do you play guitar?
Great Ukulele News for Guitarists: Guitar Players, Play Uke instantly!

So, if I want to get started, what kind of uke do I buy?

You've decided to play the uke!

There are lot's choices out there for a new ukulele, they are all fairly similar and the sound quality is close.

Photo courtesy of Queens’ MarketPlace.

There are some ukes that represent the best value and consistency. They are also the most recommended by teachers and professionals...

Meet the Kala entry level ukes. The Makala MK-S, Kala KA-15S, and the Kala KA-S

Read my complete review and recommendations:

Kala Beginner Ukulele Review and Recommendations
Learn more about the most recommended starter ukes for beginners; the Makala MK-S; Kala KA-15S; and the Kala KA-S

What size ukulele do I get? Learn about ukulele sizes and learn the parts of the uke 

If  you've looked at ukuleles, I bet you noticed there are different sizes.

It's likely you were wondering - like all beginners do - what size to I get?

Learn all about ukulele sizes here:

All about Ukulele Sizes
What size do I get? What's the difference?

You will need to memorize the parts of the ukulele to understand any ukulele lessons.

Lean the terms used for the pats o the ukulele here:

Anatomy of the uke
Learn the terms for the parts of the ukulele

Now it's time to tune and play your new uke!

Tuning your new ukulele an be frustrating. The new strings may not hold a tuning at first.

Here are some tips and tricks to tune your ukulele and keep it in tune:

Tuning tips and tricks
3 Tricks to tune your ukulele and keep it in tune

One more...It's important - It will help you jump-start your playing!

3 Secrets
Learn and play ukulele faster

Now it's time to play your new uke!

Grab you free eBook and start playing NOW!

In the free eBook you will learn:

  • A little bit about ukulele sizes 
  • A number of easy ways to tune the ukulele 
  • How to hold the ukulele
  • How to strum the ukulele, a basic strum you will be able to play instantly
  • A little bit about how music is written
  • How to strum and count in a few basic time signatures
  • A few chords, how to make them and some tricks to playing them cleanly and clearly
  • And finally you'll play a few songs

Find out for yourself how fun and easy it is to play ukulele using the play ukulele NOW method!

eBook updated 10/05/2016

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