Chord Tips & Tricks

Here are all of the great chord tips and tricks!

Chord Tips & Tricks

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Before you start...

It will be helpful to refer to these charts and have them handy for all of the lessons.


About the chord book

Additional Chord Charts (add to the Free Chord Book - these are for Patreon members):

On Simplifying Chords

CHECK OUT MY BOOK: Ukulele Chord Tricks: Simplify Any Chord (Charters available separately - if you don't want the whole book).

Easy E; Em; D; D7 and B7: 5 Hardest Ukulele Chords Made Easy (6 videos)

Easy E: The 'Real' Easy E chord (video)

Faster Chord Changes in 7 Days Series

Here we begin our journey into faster chord changes with some easy tricks you can do every day!

Faster chord Changes in 7 Days #1: Left Hand Problem Solved - Everyone has this left hand problem - (video)

Faster Chord Changes in 7 Days #2: Chord Thinking - This is amazing - could be a game changer for you (video)

Faster Chord Change in 7 Days #3: Chord from Scratch - The reason you can't go to the next chord instantly is because you can't make chords from scratch (video)

Ukulele chords and how to use them (Extended Chords)

In this series we look at embellished (extended) chords and learn how to substitute them for more basic chords.

I make it easy for you to start using these beautiful chords right away.

(Dominant only) Embellishments for the V (a dominant chord may be subbed for any chord):

Altered Dominant Emblements for the V:
Spooky chords! 7+5's; aug chords (+5's); minor b6; 7b5; 7b9; 7b5b9; Major and minor b5's and b9's; diminished 7's; Minor add9's and a wild chromatic chord.

Take this to the next level with my "Secrets of the Chord Chain"  books (learn how to create beautiful chord progressions in any key).

Chord Substitution Tricks

In the following lessons we look at chord substitution, borrowing chords, adding chords, etc...

Learn how to harmonize a scale with chords: Where so Chord Progressions Come From (with Video) 

Any Chord can be A Dominant: Chord Substitution Tricks: Any Chord can be a Dominant (with video) 

5 Most common EASY subs: 5 Easy Chord Substitution Tricks (with video)

Reharmonizing with Jazz ChordsHow to 'Jazz up'  any progression (with video)

Chord Families and Functions with basic chords and 7 chordsEasy Chord Substitution Tricks - Chord Families with Basic Chords and 7 Chords (VIDEO)

Tritone Subs: Chord Substitution Tricks: How to use the Tritone Substitute - Super easy and they sound amazing! (with video)

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Chord Tips & Tricks

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