Don't Squeeze the Juice out of your Uke - Avoid these 3 mistakes

Don't Squeeze the Juice out of your uke...

Don't Squeeze the Juice out of your Uke - Avoid these 3 mistakes
Avoid these three mistakes! 

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The ukulele is a small instrument and you don't want smother it!

Here are some tips to make your uke sound better...

Don't Squeeze the Juice out of your Uke!


Click here for more information on properly holding the ukulele

At the link above you will find an entire article with lots of pictures on how to properly hold the ukulele and how to avoid some common mistakes.

I know. Other instructors teach the opposite of what I teach here and elsewhere.

For example: #2 (resting the fingers on the instrument for fingerstyle playing) is something I used to do myself, even as a guitarist any years ago, I was instructed to do so too by teachers!

It wasn't until I studied classical guitar that I discovered it really was easier to NOT put those fingers on the instrument (Classical teachers would not let me do it - I was forced). I found that my hand was more relaxed and for a complicated classical piece it really helped!

So, I ask you to - even though you'e been told to do different - just try it and see if it helps.

I have personally made all of the mistakes I caution you not to make in my videos, that's how I found out they were mistakes. I even had hand and wrist problems as a result of some of the mistakes I've made.

More resources for beginners!

Here's some more good stuff for you if you're just starting out an want to learn more

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3 Tricks to tune your ukulele and keep it in tune: Article here and video here

And if you're looking to get your first uke

My recommendations on what uke to get and here's what you really need to go with it

Have fun!

Don't Squeeze the Juice out of your Uke - Avoid these 3 mistakes

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