VIDEO: Keep your Ukulele in Tune - 3 Tricks

Dose your uke slip out of tune or are you having trouble with it holding a solid tuning?

VIDEO: Keep your Ukulele in Tune - 3 Tricks
This video may be just what you're looking for...

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This video is based on the post below:

3 Tricks to tune your ukulele and keep it in tune

If you've never seen these tricks, I bet you wonder if its even possible to keep your uke in tune, or you may wonder how well they are capable of holding a tuning.

Nylon strings do slip - especially when the're new - and it takes a little bit to get the to hold a solid tuning.

Also, some of the tuning keys you'll find on a ukulele require a little attention to stay put!

If you're dealing with some of these challenges this video will help...

Keep your Uke in Tune - 3 Tricks

Here is a PDF with some additional information:

How to tune your ukulele PDF

This link will lead you to a Tuning PDF on a website called Patreon, once you get there you can help support Play Ukulele NOW if you like, but it will not be necessary to support us to get the PDF

Here's the rundown on the clip on tuner I talk about in the video

(originally posted here)

Check pricing and availability:

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model)

It is possible you may be able to get by without a tuner. You could tune to a piano, another instrument, or you cold tune to your ukulele to a tone that you find online.

Here's the problem with that: Most beginners have trouble matching up the note on the ukulele to the note that they hear, this means they may have trouble tuning to other instruments or to a pitch pipe tuner.

You need to make sure you're always in tune

Every time you pick the instrument up you should tune it. You'll get a lot more out of playing with a properly tuned instrument. An instrument that is not properly tuned can cause you to get discouraged or to quit playing all together.

So, get a good tuner

Let's make sure you're always in tune, you don't need an expensive tuner all you need is a basic clip on tuner. The best little tuner for the money is the Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model).

It is best to get a clip on tuner because it can be used with background noise, some tuners will pick up background noise making it impossible to tune you instrument unless it's completely quiet!

Clip on tuners work using the vibrations of the instrument and can be kept on the headstock.

Check pricing and availability, or click the link below to get yours:

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model)

VIDEO: Keep your Ukulele in Tune - 3 Tricks

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