VIDEO: Easy fingerstyle ukulele for beginners - Play two songs!

Learn fingerstyle ukulele the easy way. Learn to play three licks that can be used for almost any song!

VIDEO: Easy fingerstyle ukulele for beginners - Play two songs!

I'll show you a trick in this video that will help you to quickly and easily get rolling with fingerstyle ukulele...

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An understanding of the basics is necessary to establish before attempting this, if you've completed the Play Ukulele NOW Method and Songbook you'll have all the basic instruction you need to do this!

IMPORTANT! Before attempting the lesson in this video, this preliminary lesson must be mastered:

Are you holding the ukulele wrong? Avoid these 5 mistakes

Check it out...

The lesson you will find at the link below is a detailed description with pictures of some of the techniques presented in the video lesson that appears here - There are some extra tips in the video:

Beginning fingerstyle ukulele made easy

After watching the video you'll be able to play these songs:

3/4 time fingerstyle for beginners and 4/4 time fingerstyle for beginners

This link will lead you to my FREE PDF TAB arrangements on a website called Patreon, once you get there you can help support Play Ukulele NOW if you like, but it will not be necessary to support us to get the TABs.

What's next

After mastering the songs above apply these licks to some other songs, you'll find they'll work for almost any song! Just make sure the 3/4 time lick is used for a 3/4 time song and the 4/4 time lick for a 4/4 time song.

VIDEO: Easy fingerstyle ukulele for beginners - Play two songs!

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