Apr 19, 2024

Faster Chord Changes in 7 Days #5 FLASHCHORDS - How to Develop MUSCLE MEMORY

Ultimate trick - FLACHCHORDS!

Faster Chord Changes in 7 Days #5 FLASHCHORDS - How to Develop MUSCLE MEMORY
Build 'muscle memory' so that YOU become the chord master!

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Here we look at my FLASHCHORDS - This is how you build muscle memory and make chord changes without thinking about it... We started building muscle memory with CHORDS from SCRATCH, here we take it to the next level and work on chords based on what chords work together and are found together. 

With FLASHCHORDS we work on chord changes in groups based on the key they are in  - this is how you become an all around chord master! As an added bonus you'll better understand different keys as well.

We're going to build 'muscle memory' with FLASHCHORDS!


The uke I'm using:

There is an important lesson here - before I talk  about the FLASHCHORDS I say NEVER USE DIFFEENT FINGERINGS FOR THE CHORDS based on what key you're in, what chord may be next etc...

This is a muscle memory killer and dose more harm than good.

When I was a teacher (in the 80's - just getting started) there were books that would recommend using different fingerings for chords based on the key you were in, a student was to learn on G chord fingering for the key of C and another for the key of G (this was a guitar book - still out today with the same information), and when you presented this to the student they'd immediately say "wow, it's much easier for me to use the G fingering I already know - I'm used to and was just getting comfortable with it." 

We, as teachers discovered that the different fingering was doing more harm than good, muscle memory was beginning to be built up and this was destroying it.

It was not long before I learned all of the teachers were telling their students to ignore the different fingering and stick with the first one they learned!

Now it's all over the internet to use these different fingerings based on what key you're in, what chord may be next etc...  (there's an example in the video) But I can tell you - having tried this, as a teacher with 60 + students per week - It won't help you it'll just hurt you - DON'T DO IT.

Stick with the recommended fingering - they're on the PDFs and you will BUILD MUSCLE MEMORY FASTER.  

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Secrets of the Chord Chain: Major and Minor Chord Progressions for the Ukulele

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Ukulele Chord Tricks: Simplify Any Chord

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