Dec 1, 2023

Ideas for Santa - Ukulele Accessories you Must Have

Here are some Ideas for you...

Ideas for Santa - Ukulele Accessories you Must Have

All good stuff - Most of it I use...

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It's time to get to work on that Christmas list -  Here are some great ideas for Santa...

Many of the specific items I recommend here are based on my real experience with them and other similar items. You can learn from my mistakes.

Get a Strap

Stop trying to balance that uke and relax so you can have fun playing - get yourself a nice strap. There are lots of options out there for ukulele straps - many require drilling a hole or two for strap buttons, but there are also no-drill straps that clip to the sound hole.

The no drill options are not all created equal - many have hard plastic clips that could scratch your instrument.

I love this D'Addario strap because it has a soft rubber clip that will never scratch you instrument, and it's excellent quality.

Micro Headstock Tuner (your audience won't see it)

Sick of that hideous tuner clipped on your headstock all the time?

Check this out - it clips on the back of your headstock so the audience can't see it!

Quick Change Capo (nothing like the Kyser)

There's nothing like the Kyser capo (lot's of imitations - but you'll notice the spring system is different on most) if you or someone on your Christmas list is in need of a capo - this would be a great gift... 

Get a Metronome!

You should be playing with  metronome... 

Most teachers recommend always playing with a metronome, one of the things most beginners have trouble with is keeping time.

This metronome is also a tuner!

CHECK PRICE or GET YOURS:  TM60BK Tuner Metronome

Get a 4-track Recorder

You can do everything for recording yourself to see how you're doing to recording your first album with this!

If you make videos you can use this for the audio for your videos as well - Quite a few of people do...

This is a 4-channel (4 track) recorder... So you can record an entire song - one track at a time.

I've always had a 4-track recorder (you should have one too), my first 4-track recorder (we're going back to the 80's here) was a lot bigger than this and used cassette tapes.

Get a good music stand - A real one

At a festival I run sound for there are lots of stands - many of the performers use them and many different music stands have made their appearance there over the years, most are broken and not working properly by the end of the festival (some broke after a 1 set). Thankfully a number of Manhasset stands showed up there this year -  not a single problem with them, and there never will be, they're built like thanks! I perform there as well and for the first time did not have to bring my Manhasset stand  - I won't use anything else.  

All teaching studios use them, orchestras use them - they've always been the stand to get. They don't fold up as nicely as some others but 'the others' just won't last like the Manhasset's.

Another great feature with the Manhasset is they have an available light!

CHECK PRICE or GET YOURS: Manhasset 48 Music Stand with Manhasset 1000 Stand Light Bundle

Get some good Wall hangers

There are lots of choices for wall hangers, and the rubber on many of them is very different - some rubber can react with your instruments finish or become sticky over time.

The folks at String Swing know this and have created the industry's preferred wall hangers that have stood the test of time (the rubber on these won't destroy your instrument). 

These are the ones to get...

Fretboard care kit

Every uke player needs this, and many don't have it.

This will help with bending, vibrato and string life.

Here's what I like to use - it includes everything you need:

Ukulele Care and Feeding

CHECK PRICE or GET YOUR KIT: MusicNomad Total Fretboard Care

How about a good Amp...

The two most popular options for an excellent uke amp would be the Roland AC-33 or the Fishman Loudbox Mini.

The Fishman and the Roland have two channels - one for an instrument an another for a mic and great chorus and reverb effects.

If you take a look at quite a few reviews on these two amps the general consensus is that the Roland has quite a few more features, battery power a looper, etc..., lot's of cool stuff, but the Fishman has a more realistic acoustic sound. Many people choose the Fishman for that reason.

The Fishman has more power - 60 watts rather than 30 watts and it has a balanced output (Roland has a 1/4 inch) - so you can run an XLR to the sound board and it has a separate reverb for the vocal channel.

I do like Roland products, and Boss effects (made by Roland), I like the extra features on the Roland (I love the looper), but I own the Fishman and use it for gig's simply because of the realistic sound. As an extra bonus it has twice the power and it costs a lot less (hundreds - check price at links)!  

Fishman advantages:
  • 60 Watts (twice the power when compared to the Roland)
  • Separate reverb for vocal channel (Roland has one reverb for both)
  • XLR output

CHECK PRICE or GET YOURS: Fishman Loudbox Mini BT 60-Watt Acoustic Combo

Roland Advantages:

  • Batter powered (adaptor for AC power sold separately - Fishman must be plugged in)
  • Looper (Fishman dose not have it)
  • Can be mounted on a stand (Fishman can not)

Now you need some effects

Best effect for the uke is a delay - Since the uke dose not have a lot of sustain and the amp's above have chorus and reverb, delay would be the first thing to get... 

There are lot's delays out there - here are the top picks, these are preferred by most professionals.

My first recommendation here would be the MXR carbon Copy - it's an analog delay.

An analog delay has a completely analog path rather than digital for that warm vintage delay sound. The maximum delay time for this is 600ms. That's a basic slap back delay. Analog delays change sound a little as they decay - digital delays do not.

CHECK PRICE or GET YOURS: MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay Effects Pedal

My second recommendation would be a top notch digital delay - The Boss DD-3T. 

The DD-3T has very long delay times and a tap tempo. with the tap tempo you can get the delay effect to be the same tempo as the song your paying.

CHECK PRICE or GET YOURS: Boss DD-3T Digital Delay Pedal

How about a book - A Ukulele for Christmas: Fingerstyle Solos

A Ukulele for Christmas: Fingerstyle Solos

Learn fingerstyle ukulele at the same time as you learn these beautiful solo pieces, each one a little more of a challenge than the last!

These arrangements are hauntingly beautiful, with many campanella passages, and majestic; steeped in rich harmonies.

They are carefully arranged and graduated; each song comes with a comprehensive lesson to help you perform it properly.

Get the paperback on Amazon: A Ukulele for Christmas - Fingerstyle Solos
Get the eBook (instant download): A Ukulele for Christmas: Fingerstyle solos eBook
Get just one song: O Little Town of Bethlehem from "A Ukulele for Christmas: Fingerstyle Solos" with extras! (this and other songs from the book are available FREE to patreon members).

And another book - Christmas Solos for the Ukulele

Christmas Solos for Ukulele

These arrangements are rich with lush chords and enchanting campanella passages taking full advantage of the ukuleles unique reentrant tuning...

As a special treat I introduce you to the wonderful world of JAZZ CHORD MELODY by spicing up some of the arrangements here with beautiful extended chords and amazing chord substitutions... I walk you through exactly how I do it so you can ‘jazz up’ other songs on your own!

Grab the eBook here (instant download): Christmas Solos for Ukulele - FREE to patreon members


Now you're ready to write that letter to Santa.

Did I miss something cool? Leave a comment.

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