Ukulele Fingerstyle: Play Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells was written by Medford Massachusetts resident James Pierpont in 1850.

It was inspired by annual one-horse open-sleigh races that took place on Salem and Pleasant Streets between Medford Square and Malden Square.

Check out this great fingerstyle arrangement...

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Jingle Bells - Fingerstyle Ukulele

Performance notes

Overall use the right hand fingering, the bluegrass approach, we learned here:

Measure 1 & measure 5

Let the first 5 notes all ring. To play the 16th notes, use your thumb for the first note and first finger for the second.

Measure 11

Use a thumb strum (or a downward strum with your first finger) for the chord then your second finger to play the single note after the chord.

For the 16th notes at the end of the measure finger 2 then 1. We're alternating here to get clean fast 16th notes.

Watch the timing here, you had a dotted note and next a 16th note on the second beat of the measure.

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