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Play Ukulele NOW Methods and Songbooks

Click here to check out all the great the Play ukulele NOW methods and songbooks. Find out why teachers have depended on Play Ukulele NOW since 2009

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Fun with Folk Guitar Methods

Are you a guitar player as well? You'll love my Fun With Folk Guitar Books

Whats different about the FUN WITH FOLK GUITAR methods?

  1. It's real traditional folk guitar accompaniment
  2. A truly graduated method for traditional folk guitar accompaniment, no students will hit a "brick wall" and can not proceed on to the next lesson.
  3. There are special "easy chords" for those that are a little slower
  4. It really works for group lessons or the classroom.
  5. Students will learn what chords sound good together and understand why
  6. Students will gain an understanding of rhythms and be able to choose an accompaniment for any song and be able to create their own versions of various rhythms.

Recommended Starter ukes

Mike Upton launched Kala in 2005. Prior to starting Kala he worked at Hohner and was responsible for the development of the Lanikai ukulele line.

After starting Kala, Mike quickly established the new ukulele manufacturer as the leader in the market by providing the best and most consistent instruments in the price range.

These are the ukuleles I recommend for a starter uke:


The most consistent entry level uke is the MAKALA MK Series.

My recommendation here will be the MK-T (the tenor) but these are also available in a soprano, concert and baritone.

These are modeled after famous 100 year old uke - they always look great and sound great.

They are made out of mahogany, they have brass frets and walnut fingerboards and some basic but very effective tuning keys. 

Makala uke's are made by KALA and are well known for being the best choice in the entry level price range.

If you're on a tight budget and don't want to spend over $100 this is the one...

Best Beginner Ukuleles - Good, Better and Best Picks & Why Do I Recommend Tenors
MAKALA MK-T (check pricing and learn more)

My second recommendation here - if you'd like something a little nicer - would be to get into the KALA uke's with a KA-T

This uke typically (not always) will have a nice ribbon grain mahogany (nicer woods used all around) - so it'll look a little nicer - it'll have nickel frets rather than brass (not that big of a deal) and it'll have nicer tuning keys. 

More upgrades: The KA-T will have a NuBone nut and saddle where as the MK-T will have plastic; the KA-T will have cream binding, the MK-T has no binding; the KA-T will have a rosewood fingerboard and the MK-T will have walnut.

These upgrades put it over $100.

Best Beginner Ukuleles - Good, Better and Best Picks & Why Do I Recommend Tenors
KALA KA-T (check pricing and learn more)

If you're on a budget - or had your heart set on a soprano - here are my recommendations for those:

  • Makala MK-S (made of agathis, a cheaper wood similar to mahogany, rather than mahogany and has brass frets)
  • Kala KA-15S (made of mahogany, still has brass frets)
  • Kala KA-S (made of mahogany and has nickel frets which will keep their shape better than brass frets do; the KA-S also has white binding around the body)

Get yourself an easy to use Snark clip on Tuner

The best way to tune your ukulele is with a digital tuner. It will tell you which note you are closest and how close you are to it. There's a meter on it that will tell you when you're in tune.

The Snark ukulele tuner is one of my favorites because it clips right on to the ukulele and can be used with some background nose.

Learn more: Snark SN6X Clip-On Tuner for Ukulele (Current Model)

I highly recommend the Snark clip on tuners they are very easy to use. Get yours here:

Play with a metronome 

Most teachers recommend always playing with a metronome, one of the things most beginners have trouble with is keeping time.

Here's a great, inexpensive metronome, its a good idea to use it every time you practice

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