What's different about the Play Ukulele NOW Method? Why is it better for beginners?

With the Play Ukulele NOW method you will easily learn the basics of music theory without even knowing it!

You will easily learn how and why chords work together, you will learn lots of great rhythms and understand how to create your own and you will have lot's of great songs to play!

Chords are presented in groups, along with basic theory

In most methods they give you a pile of chords, or randomly present chords, and they don't really tell you how the chords work together. The student is then confused, can't play anything, and quickly gets discouraged.

It's very important, when teaching chords, that the student understands why they work together, and that they know some of the very basic theory behind why they chords work together.

It's also very important to present chords in groups and to work on, master and understand those chords before moving on.

With the understanding of chords that the student will gain they will be able to create their own chord progressions that sound great!

 You get a wide variety of rhythm studies to work on

Rather than presenting on simple rhythm, rhythms are resented along with quite a few variations providing the student plenty to work on. Each time a rhythm is presented, some of the basic theory used to create the rhythm will be clearly outlined as well.

This allows the student to fully understand how the rhythms work and gives them the ability to create more rhythms on their own.

 You get a songbook too!

All the songs in this book are arranged for use chord with the chord and rhythm studies!

You get 30 great songs arranged for this method!

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