Get your Play Ukulele NOW Quickstart and get started right away for $2.00!

With the Play Ukulele NOW Quickstart you get just the basics so you can get started right away!

Play instantly with this 24 page Quickstart method! Learn how to tune and hold the ukulele, basic chords, strumming and play 12 songs.

This book is the first 24 pages of the Play Ukulele NOW method and songbook, the Play Ukulele NOW Method and songbook is 64 pages

Get your copy of the Quickstart method here for just $2.00: https://gumroad.com/l/PUN-QSE

Learn more about the complete method:

Learn more and play more with Play Ukulele NOW. This method will have you strumming along with your favorite folk songs in no time! Then it will provide you with a wealth of fun rhythms and songs for further study. In this book you will find the unique Play Ukulele NOW Key sheets, chord charts and rhythm studies! 

The Play Ukulele NOW key sheets teach chords in groups so that you will have an understanding of which chords work well together and which chords are often played together. Without realizing it you will easily learn basic music theory! 

With the unique Play Ukulele NOW Chord Charts you will quickly and easily learn to play chords throughout the neck, using just a few chord forms! 

The comprehensive rhythm studies you will find in this book will provide you with a wide variety of fun rhythms you can use in many different songs!

Get the complete method here as an ebook for just $5.00: https://gumroad.com/l/PUN-MSE

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