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I'm Andrew Borst, I've been Teaching and writing instructional books and materials for more than 30 years now.


The Play Ukulele NOW Method  

The Play Ukulele NOW Method and songbook is the fun, easy way to learn the ukulele. You will understand chords and rhythms better, you'll play more songs and have more fun.

The unique way chords and rhythms are presented, and the wealth of great songs especially arranged for this method are the key reasons you are sure to succeed with Play Ukulele NOW (click here to check out the books).

If you have found other methods confusing and unclear, this in the one you've been looking for!

I am always refining and updating all of my materials so that they continue to represent the the most comprehensive easiest to use and most importantly the most fun teaching programs available!

Get your copy of the free eBook below and see for yourself, you will learn more and play more with Play Ukulele NOW!

Amazon review of the Play Ukulele NOW Method and Songbook:

"This book has music theory in it along with the chords in there order and simple folk songs. I’d never have imagined in only 60 pages it contained so much information. It’s just good stuff. Bought by chance. Glad I did."

How it all began

When I first started teaching in the 80’s I did a lot of substitute teaching, which was great because it gave me an opportunity to see what the more experienced teachers were doing. I was surprised to find all the teachers were not only using a number of different books at the same time, but they were substituting, chords and changing accompaniments to get the methods to work, there was writing all over the books indicating additions or changes of all kinds. It was a great learning experience for me, seeing how they altered the methods and how they used a few different books to create a properly graduated method.

I soon began to discover the brick walls that the students ran into in the available methods. I quickly learned that, as a teacher, I had to learn to navigate around these roadblocks to keep the student interested, engaged and learning.

It was right away that I began to experiment with the development of complete properly graduated methods. These methods were tested and constantly evolving for many years.

I re-imagined guitar (I also taught ukulele, mandolin, electric bass, and banjo—anything with frets) instruction, and built new curriculum from the ground up. I discovered fascinating new building blocks in uncharted territory! I used violin caprices for right and left hand development, and to develop speed and accuracy and I created unique scale, arpeggio and interval studies to get the students to the level where they could play the violin caprices. I combined drum rudiments and percussion techniques with various studies and exercises to help my students better understand rhythm. And, I’ve taken kids that have never played with a band or written songs before and had them performing a show of original music they’d written together after one week of rehearsals.

More about me

Andrew Borst has been teaching, performing, and writing books since the 80's. Andrew has not only written lot's of books, he's developed unique clinics, workshops, graduated group lesson materials, and summer band camp programs where students that have never played in a band before get together, and at the end of the week, perform a live show with a band, often times featuring original music.

Andrew began performing and recording with various bands in Madison Wisconsin in 1983 and began teaching in 1987. Andrew noticed right away when he started teaching there was a need for properly graduated teaching materials and books that were engaging, provided the student with plenty to work on, and empowered the student with an understanding of how things work so the student could develop into a self sufficient professional musician and create original music. It didn't take long for Andrew to start to developing his own unique methods. Andrew always welcomes the challenge of finding new ways to teach that result in a better learning experience, and a more accomplished student.

In 2000 Andrew stopped performing and recording professionally, he now lives in the Kansas Flint Hills with his Wife and children where he enjoys teaching, writing books and the occasional performance.

Andrews books present materials in such a way that it’s easy to learn, the years of teaching experience insure a properly graduated fun learning experience. More than 30 years of tweaking and fine tuning with actual students in real learning situations goes into each method.

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