Faith of our Fathers - Ukulele Chord Melody

Faith of our Fathers - Ukulele Chord Melody
You'll love this "extra beautiful" chord melody - Check it out!

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"Faith of our Fathers" is a popular Catholic hymn written by Frederick William Faber in 1849 in memory of Catholic martyrs persecuted by the Church of England in the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth.

Everyone will love this "extra beautiful" arrangement!

Faith of our Fathers - Ukulele Chord Melody

Here we use the easiest of all C chords (measure 1) for a melody note on the 7th fret - we just fret the note on the 7th fret and play the rest of the strings open; playing strings 2, 3 and 4 open gives us a C triad.

The hardest chords here will be the G and the G7,the G7 (measures 15 and 23) you may be familiar with, it's a very common dominant 7 chord form; the G (measure 19) on the other hand may be new to you. There's also a full barre in measure 17.

The G (measure 19) will come up alot in chord melodies because we often have a melody note on the 5th fret (of the first string) and need to play a G chord. The alternative would be an E form with the lowest note being then melody note on the 5th fret. I show you a trick to simplify this chord below.

Try it and see if you can hear the difference (after you try the two) between the G and the G5... What do you think?

Performance Notes

Hold chords to let notes ring whenever possible.

This can be played very slowly - it sounds geat thet way, this makes the piece easier to perform.

Measures 1 & 2: Let the C triads ring while playing other notes, strum the chords with your thumb and alternate i and m for single notes (see previous lessons for details on alternating i and m).

Measure 3: Use your 3rd fringer to barre for the Dm triad, then your 1st finger for the note on the 4th string - let these notes ring together if you can; the fret the last note in the measure with your second firnger.

Measure 15: If you can, move your 4th finger to fret note onthe 7th fret while still allowing the chord to ring, then move it back to fret the next note on the 5th fret - still letting the chord ring.

Measure 18: Here's our full barre chord - lay your first finger across all the strings at the 5th fret and use your 4th finger to fret the note on the 8th fret.

Measure 19: We can simplify the G chord if you need to: If we simplify it we'll be taking out the 3rd, so it won't be as rich in harmony, and we'll have a G5 chord. To do this do not fret the note on the 4th string and play that string open; you now have a G5 that's quite a bit easier to play.

Have fun!

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Faith of our Fathers

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Faith of our Fathers - Ukulele Chord Melody

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