Scarborough Fair - Chord Melody Arrangements; one with just 2 chords!

Scarborough Fair - Ukulele Chord Melody
Check out two versions of this popular ballad, one with only two chords!

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This is an easy chord melody arrangement, whether you choose to play the 2 chord version or the other.

Since chords and lyrics are provided as well - you can just strum the chords and sing along.

Performance tips

When picking single notes: Alterante i and m for consecutive notes on strings 1 and (or) 2 or use i for string 2 and m for string 1, if there's only one single note to pluck; alternate i and p for concecutive notes on string 3, otherwise use p for single notes on strings 3 and 4. 

Following the above rules will provide the most efficient way to play these pieces and they will sound beautiful.

Always let chords ring whenever possible (play notes after chords while chords are ringing).

Scarborogh Fair - 2 chord version

That's right - only two chords in this one! Sounds beautiful and is easy to play.

Measure 1: Following the rules for picking single notes presented above, you'll use p for the first note and i for the second.

Measure 2: Thumb strum for the chord (Dm) then pluck the single notes with m then i (again, following the rules above).

Measure 3: There is an easy way to play this, but first how to play it as indicated (for a campanella effect): Left hand: Make sure the thumb is in the middle of the back of the neck, proper left hand position will be necessary to pull this off. 

For the chord: Fret the note (second fret) on the 4th string with the your 2nd (or your first finger to make it easier), then, for the next note, fret the note on the 5th fret with your 4th finger letting the rest of the notes ring; be carefull not to touch adjacent strings - that will mute note(s) you want to ring.

Now for the easy way: Rather than fretting the second note in the measure with your 4th finger on the 5th fret, play that same note on the 2nd string 1st fret!   

 Measure 6: A little trick for the barre: You can bar the Dm triad with your 3rd finger the play the next note with your 2nd finger, while still holding down all of the notes with your 3rd finger to let them ring together, rather than using a full barre.

Scarborough Fair - All the Am's and one of the Dm's swapped for other chords

You may find this arrangement more colorful - we've swapped out all of the Am's for a C, F, or a G, and one of the Dm's for an F.

Measure 3: You can move the note on the 5th fret like we did before.

Have fun!

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Scarborough Fair - Ukulele Chord Melody

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